10 things a successful restaurant manager must be


by Suzanne Hall


ant a job as a restaurant manager? The best ones have some defining qualities. Here are 10 things good foodservice management professionals must be.

1. Personable.

Restaurant managers need to be able to successfully interact and communicate with staff and customers.

2. Able to multi-task.

Everyone’s job is the restaurant manager’s job from fixing a toilet to expediting an order.

3. Alert.

A manager must sense when there is a problem, whether in the dining room or among the staff. Then they must take care of it.

4. Focused.

No matter what is going on, good restaurant managers never lose sight of the big picture: running a profitable restaurant.

5. Committed.

Customer satisfaction and promoting company values are priorities.

6. Passionate.

The food industry, with its long hours and ups and downs, only needs managers with a passion for what they do.

7. Inventive.

Managers must make and welcome new ideas to keep customers and staff engaged.

8. Responsible.

Local, state and federal laws are part of a restaurant’s operation. The manager must see they are upheld.

9. Willing to listen.

Customers, certainly, but staff members as well may have legitimate complaints and valuable suggestions.

10. Able to create a happy work/life balance.

Burnout comes quickly for anyone in the restaurant world who doesn’t also have a life outside of work.

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