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It Takes Time to Get Recertified

By Robert Phillips, CEC, CCA

I’m often told by chefs that they’re having problems getting enough continuing education hours (CEHs) to recertify within five years. I tell them it takes planning, time, dedication and some self-sacrifice.

What’s Needed?


How to Get Hours:


These are just a few ways to get your hours, but there are literally hundreds of hours that can be stockpiled until you need them to recertify. Get creative, and frequently check the ACF website for new continuing education listings.

Also, you can find more details on the recertification page. If you have further questions, contact the ACF national office at certify@acfchefs.net.

Good luck with your recertification!

Robert Phillips, CEC, CCA, is president of ACF Chefs de Cuisine Association of California.



Back to School

Taking classes at your local college helps grow your culinary skills and pays off in CEHs.

1 hour of education = 1 CEH

1 CEU (unit) = 10 CEHs (hours)

1 semester credit hour translates to 16 CEHs