5 reasons all students should belong to a professional organization


It’s a common refrain: “Young people don’t join associations anymore.” LinkedIn makes it easy to network; new techniques are easily learned on YouTube. But is it really true? And does the internet really offer everything you need for a fulfilling career?

We at the ACF don’t think so. Here are five things students get with professional organization membership that isn’t easy to find anywhere else.


Mentoring. One of the best ways to learn an industry and the business is with the help of a mentor. Professional organizations like the ACF are great places to find mentors for aspiring professionals.

Resume Building. Professional membership (and culinary competition, if a student is so inclined) will look great on a fresh grad’s resume — especially if the “experience” section is still somewhat light.

Job Opportunities. Employers often post job openings with professional organizations or tell their chapter networks first. The ACF’s job board currently boasts more than 1,400 open positions. This early access to opportunities combined with a vast network of professionals ensures that students find the right fit for them.

Broadening Knowledge. Professional organizations like the ACF offer certifications, online courses, conferences, local educational opportunities with chapters and more to keep their members up to date on the latest industry innovations, research and trends. Knowing the latest techniques will put students one step ahead of the competition.

Making New Friends. Once we graduate from school, it’s hard to get out and meet new people. Professional networking like you get in a local chapter is an opportunity to meet new people with similar interests, a great next step on the road to a fulfilling career.

ACFEF-accredited programs can now give their students all the benefits of ACF membership for free or at a reduced cost. Click here to learn more.

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