6 ways to make your non-industry partner feel special when you have to work on Valentine’s Day

by Laura McWilliams, chefhealthcoach.com

Valentine’s Day is a busy time for chefs and kitchen workers.

You have to work extra hard and extra hours in the days leading up to the holiday and work like crazy on the big day to make sure all of your guests have a nice evening. All of that extra work means you have limited time to celebrate at home with your loved one.

Guilt over not spending the evening with your partner can cause extra stress leading up to one of the busiest days of the year for your kitchen. If you have a non-industry partner, chances are they would still like to celebrate, and be able to join their friends in bragging about all of the nice things that their partner did for them.

Even if you have to work, it is possible to pull off a romantic Valentine’s day celebration or even a special surprise! Here are some ideas for making your partner feel special this year, even if you have to spend the whole day, or week, at work.


1. Reserve a table at your restaurant for your sweetheart and one of their single friends on Valentine’s day. Give them rock star treatment — and be sure to pick up the whole tab!

2. Plan a full romantic evening for a few days before. Don’t skimp on the details — a dinner out, a present, some chocolate or maybe a show. Doing it before will give your partner some great memories to keep in mind on Valentine’s day when you are working. Don’t make the mistake of waiting until afterward.

3. Celebrate in the morning! Whether it’s breakfast in bed or breakfast and a movie, a morning together can be just as special. Prep the night before, and get up early to prepare an amazing meal. Don’t forget to have a present!

4. Pre-record a video of yourself singing, being goofy, or telling your partner how much they mean to you. Text it to them in the evening when you are at work to let them know that you care about them.

5. Have something delivered! This is a no-fail way to make someone feel special. Whether it’s delivered to them at home or at work, it’s always a winner. Flowers or chocolates are great choices, but you could even have dinner delivered. Go crazy and order dessert and champagne delivered from a local delivery service. Your partner will happily watch Netflix without you if they have take-out.

6. Since you can’t make it out of town, opt for a staycation. Rent a house right in your area that has a nice kitchen and a hot tub. You won’t have to go far, and you won’t have to go out to dinner. Cooking together in a fancy kitchen will be extra exciting. If you have to head to work the next morning, your sweetie won’t mind spending the rest of the day lounging in the hot tub or watching the big screen.

As chefs, we have to celebrate holidays differently. Our partners do a good job understanding and dealing with having us gone, but that doesn’t mean we have to skip out on celebrations. Thinking outside of the box with one of these ideas will ensure that your special person knows that you are always thinking about them, even when you are at work!