A feast for the ears: 7 food-related podcasts for chefs to digest

Whether you’re interested in learning something new or just relaxing after a hard day in the kitchen, food-related podcasts can feed your ears with delicious information and entertainment. The following are some of the best podcasts for chefs to feast on.

A recording session of The Recipe Podcast

Burnt Toast

What are the strangest things that people eat? What are the worst dishes ever to be served in the White House? Can the sounds you hear when you eat alter the way your food tastes? These are just some of the peculiar questions you can expect to have answered when you listen to the Burnt Toast podcast. In each episode, host Michael Harlan Turkell, an award-winning food photographer, takes listeners on a journey of food culture with the help of guests that include chefs, cookbook editors, and entertainers.

Cooking Issues

In this weekly podcast, host Dave Arnold does a deep, technical dive into cooking techniques in order to answer listener questions. The chef and inventor, along with co-host Nastassia Lopez, provides unique tips on everything from freezing corn on the cob to carbonating salsa to deep frying nuts. In addition, the podcast features guests including chefs, authors, and bartenders.

Food Is The New Rock

Chefs are often compared to rock stars, and this podcast takes that analogy one step further with its unique format: Every episode, host Zach Brooks, founder of the Midtown Lunch blog, either discusses music with a chef or food with a musician. Whether you want to hear Wolfgang Puck describing the music he listened to as a child, musician Henry Rollins sharing which countries have his favorite cuisine to eat on tour, or “Top Chef” host Tom Colicchio waxing poetic about his guitar collection, this podcast’s entertaining marriage of food and music is pleasing to the ears and the stomach.


Gastropod is where science and history collide into a fascinating, behind-the-scenes look at food hosted by Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley. Topics covered include why carrots are orange, how American mangos developed the wrong flavor, and where the tradition of collecting recipes originated.


This podcast explores the relationship between Southern culture and the cuisine of the region. Created by the Southern Food Alliance, Gravy includes discussions about the origins of popular Southern cocktails, the racial undertones associated with fried chicken, and the ways Chinese immigrants have influenced Louisiana seafood.

The Recipe Podcast: Celebrity Secrets

ACF Chef Charles Carroll — the Executive Chef at Houston’s River Oaks Country Club — serves up the ingredients for success in this podcast that features interviews with some of the world’s most accomplished people inside and outside of the culinary world. Some of his inspirational episodes include interviews with Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen, actor Luis Guzman, and Celebrity Chef Graham Elliot.

Top Rope Chef

What in the world does cooking have to do with wrestling? If you listen to the Top Rope Chef podcast, everything. Listeners can find out what it’s like to eat like a wrestler as hosts Jaclyn Maynard and Bradley Jones prepare every single dish in the WWF Cookbook.