ACF Chef Craig Tarrant talks about his all-electric kitchen at Microsoft

ACF Chef Craig Tarrant, director of culinary operations for Compass Group at the Microsoft headquarters in Seattle, loves his brand new, 100% electric kitchen at One Esterra on the new East Campus. Seattle is one of several municipalities implementing, on track to implement or considering gas bans for new building developments. Some of these bans apply to building heating methods only; others are impacting kitchen design.Craig Tarrant

One of his favorite finds for One Esterra is an electric wok. “Tasters, surprisingly, couldn’t distinguish any difference between food cooked on this and on a traditional wok,” he says. Chef Tarrant also recently found an electric tandoor oven he’s excited to start testing.

Beyond being good for the environment, an electric kitchen offers many advantages, Chef Tarrant says. “Overall, the air is much cooler since there’s less heat coming from equipment.” Not
to mention, the equipment itself is very sensitive and quickly changes temperature when needed, plus no hoods are required. Cooking with electric equipment also has the potential to reduce heat in the kitchen because the heat is centered around the food in the cooking element, or pan, rather than just throwing up flames around it. Food for thought, Chef Tarrant says.