ACF Chef Spotlight: Ron Duprat, CEC

December Member Spotlight: Chef Ron Duprat, CEC
By Joy Johnson, ACF Membership Coordinator
Why did you want to become a Chef?
I decided that I wanted to become a chef when I realized how much happiness and joy food provides to people. I traveled the world and learned the importance of flavors, food scents, and the warmth they can bring to others. The taste of simple recipes can remind people of their childhood. Multicultural dishes can make others think of their favorite country to visit. I enjoy seeing people experience happiness through the dishes that I create for them.What is your current position?
I work for a top-rated property management company that specializes in managing country clubs and condo associations called First Service Residential. I am the Culinary Executive Chef and work at many of the properties by helping them to create their culinary teams. My plan is not to take on more projects so that I can enhance my overall performance as a chef and humanitarian.

What is the most exciting or rewarding aspect of your work?

Team building and mentoring produce the greatest reward and excitement for me. I love to teach those who share my passion and watch them do great things.

What is your specialty/focus in culinary arts?
I have a love for providing authentic Afro-Caribbean meals globally and I enjoy using fresh seafood, meat, and vegetables to create ceviche and blanc manger.

In what ways do you blend Caribbean flavors with classic French cuisine?
The melting pot of blending Caribbean flavors with French accents goes back many generations. When you mix culinary imprints left behind by people in Europe, France, India, the Middle East, and Africa, you only scratch the surface of the rich food history in the Caribbean. My passion for Caribbean cuisine is to push the envelope like never before, from liquid nitrogen to sous vide and slow cooking.Which classic Haitian holiday dish and/or French-Asian fusion dish would you suggest for novices to “spice up” their holiday menu?
For novices, I would suggest coq au vin, because everyone can interpret it differently but will enjoy it the same.

What have you gained by being an ACF member?
The higher learning and camaraderie that I have gained have made me realize that I can do more than I ever imagined.


What highlights have you encountered in your culinary journey?
I have competed for Top Chef, Iron Chef America, and I’m proud that I have become a culinary ambassador for the state department.

What is/are your greatest takeaway(s) from competing in ACF competitions, Top Chef, Iron Chef America, Beat Bobby Flay, and other culinary competitions?
My greatest takeaway is that we were one of the best in our field, but competition is more challenging than you would expect. As a classically trained Chef, I need more than 5 minutes to prepare what was asked of me.What did you learn from your first culinary catastrophe?
Always make enough food so that nobody leaves hungry!

What’s the strangest or most interesting meal you have ever prepared?
The strangest meal I have ever prepared was eel with cactus. It was hard to describe what I was preparing, because I have a heavy accent.

What advice you would give to others who are just starting out in the culinary industry or others who aspire to cook for celebrities, politicians, etc.?
It is necessary to always be passionate and understanding of your flavor and food combinations. You must also study and experiment as much as you can to gain a higher level!

What is your signature dish?
My signature dish is fried chicken with collard greens. I can prepare this dish with my eyes closed, and it will melt in your mouth!

What is your favorite holiday pastime?
My favorite holiday pastime is spending time with my family for half of the day. I enjoy cooking for them, and they enjoy telling me stories and keeping me company in the kitchen. The other half of the day, I like to give my time to the community by volunteering in any capacity for the less fortunate.

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