ACF National Award Winners 2018

The honor of an American Culinary Federation (ACF) award proves skill, knowledge and professionalism in the culinary industry and can further your recognition as a qualified chef. These awards represent the highest honors ACF can bestow.

Here is a full list of all the 2018 award winners, presented at the ACF National Convention and Show in New Orleans July 15-19.

Achievement of Excellence (6)
•Canadian Food & Wine Institute Craig Youdale, Dean
•Phillip M’s Fine Dining Louis Chatham, CEC, AAC, Chef
•USC Hospitality Division Kris Slinger, Asst VP
•Mercury Chophouse Zack Moutaouakil, Owner
•Atlantis Casino Resort Spa Chira Pagidi, Director Food & Bev

President’s Medallion (23)
•Kent Andersen, CEC, CCA (#2)
•Guy Lott, HAAC (#18)
•Michael Rigberg, CEC, CCA, AAC (#3)
•Frank Leake, CCC, CCE, AAC (#24)
•Jerold Marcellus, CCC, CCE, HAAC (#4)
•Michael Thrash, CEC, CCA (#6)
•George O’Palenick, CEC, CCE, AAC (#7)
•Chris Dwyer, CEC, CCA, AAC (#8)
•Peter Spear, CEC (#9)
•Thomas Hunt, CEC, AAC (#10)
•Carlton Brooks, CEPC, CCE, AAC (#11)
•Brian Peffley, CEPC, CCE, AAC (#12)
•Jill Bosich, CEC, CCE, AAC (#13)
•Mark Wright, CEC, AAC (#15)
•Louis Perrotte, CEC, AAC, HOF (#16)
•Bobby Moghaddam, CEC, CCE, AAC (#17)
•Jill Mora (#19)
•Sarah Mallard, CC (#20)
•Melody Money, CEC, AAC (#21)
•Dr. Eloise Fernandez, CEC, CCE, AAC (#22)
•Cynthia Monroe, CC (#23)
•Kathleen Mancini, HAAC (#14)
•Basil Kimbrew (#5)
•Guy Lott, HAAC (#18)
•Michael Rigberg, CEC, CCA, AAC (#3)
•Frank Leake, CCC, CCE, AAC (#24)

Chapter of the Year
•ACF Southwestern Virginia Chapter

Region of the Year

A World of Thanks
•ACF New Orleans Chapter (host chapter)

Industry Partnership Award

Hermann G Rusch Chef’s Achievement Award
•Wolfgang Geckeler, CEC, AAC, HOF

National Chef Educator of the Year
•Leonard Bailey, CEC

National Student Team of the Year
•Fox Valley Technical College – Gold Medals

National Student Chef of the Year
•Julio Chavez – Gold Medal

National Pastry Chef of the Year
•William Racin, CEPC – Silver Medal

National Chef of the Year
•Todd Leonard, CEC – Silver Medal

Dr. L.J. Minor Chef Professionalism Award
•Kevin Brennan, CEC, AAC

Baron H. Galand Culinary Knowledge Bowl National Champions
•Utah Valley University Culinary Arts Institute

Spirit of Aloha Award
•Meg Trout
•Brian Lorge, HAAC
•Eric Ernest, CEC, CCA
•Jason Ziobrowski, CEC
•Eric “The Trainer” Fleishman
•Team Hawaii
•Robert Phillips, CEC, CCA, AAC