Ana Kinkaid

Food fads to leave behind in 2019

The month of January offers a time after the busy holiday season to plan for the coming year. It also provides an opportunity to...

90 years of excellence: The history of the American Culinary Federation

The ACF has represented and advocated for culinary professionals since 1929. But its roots have been growing for centuries.   by Ana...

America’s Amazing “Good Luck” New Year Foods

American culinary history is full of New Year's traditions. Consider sharing one of these great dishes for prosperity and happiness in 2019.

A history of Champagne cocktails

By Ana Kinkaid, editor of the culinary magazine CONNECT There’s no better way to start the new year than by enjoying a glass of...

5 trendy foods invented by hippies

If you think Millennials were the first ones to smear mashed avocado on toast, think again.

Let’s Talk Turkey

How did the turkey become our go-to Thanksgiving entreé? It's a story that involves the ancient Aztecs and more than one U.S. president, but probably not the Mayflower Pilgrims.

Is this Stuffing or Dressing?

From a culinary point of view, "stuffing" is what is cooked inside the turkey because, well, it is “stuffed inside.” What, then, is "dressing"? And why are the two often used interchangeably?

The Greatest Soup In The World

By Ana Kinkaid How does a soup gain such acclaim that the likes of Craig Claiborne declare it to be the most elegant and delicious...
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