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10 New Year’s resolutions for chefs

by Chef Paul Sorgule of Harvest America Ventures When a chef reflects on his or her major responsibilities, it would be hard to ignore the ever-present requirement to...

Crossroads Diner Pecan Pie Recipe

This recipe comes to NCR from Tom Fleming of Crossroads Diner in Dallas, Texas. As a pie judge at the State Fair of Texas for...

90 years of excellence: The history of the American Culinary Federation

The ACF has represented and advocated for culinary professionals since 1929. But its roots have been growing for centuries.   by Ana...

How to draw culinary inspiration from other cultures — the right way

You can stroll the taco stalls throughout Mexico City, browse the hawker markets for satay or Zhen Zhen porridge in Singapore, grab jerk chicken off a street-side grill in Jamaica, buy a hot dog off a cart in New York, nab elote from a table in Chicago or pick up a cup of frites with mayonnaise in Amsterdam. In cities all over the world, people set up stands or stalls and sell food they have passionately cooked for years, sometimes generations, to offer folks on the go a quick, delicious and inexpensive meal. Most cultures contribute to street food and the environments in which their wares are sold can range from a single stand set up on a street corner in a busy neighborhood or a bustling market offering dozens of dining options.

Culinary Team USA Brings Home the Hardware

  T he Villeroy and Boch Culinary World Cup 2018 took place in Luxembourg at the end of November. ACF Culinary Team USA took home silver...

How Depression-Era Automats Set the Standard for Consistency

Baked beans, pumpkin pie, huckleberry pie, oatmeal cookies, cup custard, beef and noodles with burgundy sauce, hearty stews, fish cakes, “velvety” baked hams, macaroni and cheese, “succulent” Salisbury steaks, creamed spinach, the “fluffiest” mashed potatoes… “these are a few of their favorite things”... ‘cause for sure, every man, woman and child had a favorite. One can almost taste the memories of those lucky enough — or even those down on their luck — to have frequented one of the 84 Horn & Hardart Automats (automatic cafeterias with steam tables and waitstaff) that operated in the U.S. from July 1901 through April 1991.

America’s Amazing “Good Luck” New Year Foods

American culinary history is full of New Year's traditions. Consider sharing one of these great dishes for prosperity and happiness in 2019.

A chat with FairKitchens Chef Einav Gefen

by Heather Schatz Anthony Bourdain’s suicide has helped spark a national dialogue on the mental health issues many chefs struggle with — or...
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