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A history of Champagne cocktails

There’s no better way to start the new year than by enjoying a glass of Champagne. And,...

All Day Dining is on the Rise

Breakfast at noon, a midafternoon snack, supper after the sun goes down? Increasingly, we’re eating when it suits us   A ll-day dining is on the rise....

American Spirit

An inside look at what it takes to make bourbon   T o be called Champagne, sparkling wine must come from a certain region of France. Tequila,...

6 ideas for developing a crave-able bar snack menu

Bar snack food needs to deliver a depth of flavor and cater to a range of tastes A merica’s snacking habit is at an all-time high....

The history (and future) of port wine

Heritage and change for a classic beverage   V intage in design, port is a stalwart denizen of the wine cellar. Like Champagne, port deserves attention as...

The Big Cheese

  A CF Chef Evan Topel began his career at the American Club in Kohler, Wisconsin, eventually becoming the sous chef at the resort’s Cucina Italian...

10 ways to create a culture of excellence in your kitchen

How can a restaurant strive for excellence regardless of price tag? Here are ten simple ideas to implement in any operation with an eye on excellence.

The Chef’s Most Important Job

The chef can call up solutions to challenges as they arise, but she can’t be on every station helping with every dish. That's why the best chefs know that training and building their cooks' confidence is by far their most important job.
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