We Are Chefs

5 trendy foods invented by hippies

If you think Millennials were the first ones to smear mashed avocado on toast, think again.

Super Stars

There’s some disagreement on if superfoods are actually all that super. But chefs around the country are using the trendy fruits, veggies and grains...

The Unique Camaraderie Among Cooks and Chefs

When you are part of the club of cooks and chefs, you are part of a unique group of hardworking, dedicated craftspeople. If you cook, you belong.

Let’s Talk Turkey

How did the turkey become our go-to Thanksgiving entreé? It's a story that involves the ancient Aztecs and more than one U.S. president, but probably not the Mayflower Pilgrims.

Last Bite Camson Alevy

  Now that your time on the show is over, what did you learn? The biggest thing I’ve learned is being able to cook under pressure....

Beverage Class Coffee

Black Mac Everyone knows espresso is Italian and what’s in an Irish coffee. But there are practically unlimited ways to enjoy of a cup o’...

Miracle Workers

Tip your baristas. And the harvesters, farmers…   N o matter where it was poured — your home pot, a fair-trade shop or the gas station around...

Berry Good

Featured ingredient strawberries   Strawberries Belong to the rose family. Plump, red and juicy, they have a sweet, slightly tart flavor and a soft crunch. They can...
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