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Let’s Talk Turkey

How did the turkey become our go-to Thanksgiving entreé? It's a story that involves the ancient Aztecs and more than one U.S. president, but probably not the Mayflower Pilgrims.

Is this Stuffing or Dressing?

From a culinary point of view, "stuffing" is what is cooked inside the turkey because, well, it is “stuffed inside.” What, then, is "dressing"? And why are the two often used interchangeably?

The Chef’s Most Important Job

The chef can call up solutions to challenges as they arise, but she can’t be on every station helping with every dish. That's why the best chefs know that training and building their cooks' confidence is by far their most important job.

Struggling to recruit new members? Try these six tips

Want to recruit new members to your ACF chapter? Follow these six tips to help get the signups rolling in. Step one: Contact prospective members directly.

ACF Members Serve Up Comfort During Hurricane Relief Efforts

Since the International Culinary Institute of Myrtle Beach, where ACF Myrtle Beach president Geoff Blount teaches, was going to be closed, he decided to use the time to mobilize his students and area chefs to feed victims of Hurricane Florence.

10 ways to create a culture of excellence in your kitchen

How can a restaurant strive for excellence regardless of price tag? Here are ten simple ideas to implement in any operation with an eye on excellence.

The unknown women who changed coffee and cookies forever

Urban legends prevalent in the culinary world often credit innovation and creativity to mere chance. This is especially true when it is women who are the culinary innovators. Melitta Bentz and Ruth Graves are two such innovators.

FDA Food Code Process and Changes: Keeping Foods (and Consumers) Safer

The FDA Model Food Code provides regulators and facilities with the most up-to-date means of keeping food safe in food service and retail operations. By following the guidelines set forth in the Food Code, operators can help increase the safety of the foods they’re serving.

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