Catch the Livestream of these 7 Chefs at the ACF National Convention

If you can’t travel to Orlando for the ACF National Convention Aug. 2 – 5 that doesn’t mean you have to miss out entirely! Choose the $99 virtual registration option for access to the ACF livestream of the National Convention.

Certified Master Chefs and senior culinary leaders will conduct live demos and share their techniques to diversify your menu with exciting flavors and spins on traditional dishes.

Catch all the excitement on the ACF National Convention livestream, including the President’s Grand Ball, culinary competitions, and awards ceremony! Below are some of the featured livestream presenters:

The Art of Plating with Corey Siegel, CEC
We all eat with our eyes first! Chef Siegel shares his tips for producing memorable plate presentations with amazing “eye appeal,” as well as techniques to create visually stunning dishes that will wow your guests. Tune in to hear more about the five-spot technique and more!

Summer Garden Meze: Pork Stuffed Fig Leaves with Tom Griffiths, CMC
The Vice President of Research and Development at Freshly invites you to cook with love and passion and to use inspiration from your favorite food memories to create new dishes. Chef Griffiths takes us to his garden to produce a seasonal dish featuring pork stuffed fig leaves. (Sponsored by Smithfield)

Spotlight on the Flavors of Jamaica with Randie Anderson, CEC, and Dexter Singh, CPC
Feel the passion as you experience the rich flavors, spices, and produce used in today’s Jamaican dishes. This presentation includes a demo and panel tasting of sweet and savory dishes utilizing Jamaican ingredients such as breadfruit, mangoes, local chocolate, and more!

Focus on Korean Cuisine: Tteokbokki with Wook Kang, CEC
Korean cuisine is evolving and is moving onto fine dining menus across the country. Chef Kang shares his modern interpretation of the classic spicy Korean dish Tteokbokki, which is made from small-sized, long cylinder-shaped rice cakes.

Spotlight on the Cuisines of South America: Peruvian Ceviche with Javier Laurie, CEC
Chef Laurie shares his techniques for creating a fresh Peruvian ceviche using grouper and other local ingredients. Learn best practices on how you can add this dish to your menus and buffets.

Mentorship with Master Chef Fritz Sonnenschmidt, CMC, AAC, HOF
A special conversation with Master Chef Sonnenschmidt as he discusses the importance of mentorship and how more seasoned chefs can, and must, continue to give back by inspiring and coaching the next generation of culinary professionals.

History of Cajun and Creole Cuisine: Gumbo and Roux with Amy Sins
Chef Amy Sins of New Orleans will share her techniques for the perfect roux as well as her family’s Gumbo recipe. This presentation will include “the trinity,” traditional ingredients, and the history of Louisiana’s regional cuisine.

Every livestream presentation and demo will be available to registered attendees for 30 days following the National Convention. Additionally, all virtual registrations will receive 26 CEHs toward maintaining ACF certifications.

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