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The Chef’s Most Important Job

The chef can call up solutions to challenges as they arise, but she can’t be on every station helping with every dish. That's why the best chefs know that training and building their cooks' confidence is by far their most important job.

The Unique Camaraderie Among Cooks and Chefs

When you are part of the club of cooks and chefs, you are part of a unique group of hardworking, dedicated craftspeople. If you cook, you belong.

Secrets to a Successful Job Search

By Thomas G. Ciapi CEC®, CCE®, CCA®, AAC In a world where chefs are becoming celebrities and jobs are limited, culinary professionals must find new...

Ingredient of the Month: Honey

Honey is a silky sweet liquid produced by honeybees from flower nectar. It has the same sweetness as granulated sugar, but is a more...

6 Reasons “Yes Chef” is Still Important

By Paul Sorgule, MS, AAC There is no denying that some have accurately pointed to problems with the chain-of-command structure. This hierarchy was initially designed...

Certification Journey: Carpe Diem

By: Robert Gracey, CC Quite often, folks my age and younger express interest in learning more about the culinary arts and pursuing their interests in cooking and...

Don’t fall victim to the Peter Principle

by Chef Paul Sorgule of Harvest America Ventures In most respects the reality of full-employment in the U.S. (everyone who wants to work has a job) is wonderful news....

8 Traits of a True Kitchen Professional

By Paul Sorgule, M.S., AAC Escoffier was known to have a temper, but was able to control it by taking a step back, sometimes taking...

The Workplace: How Chefs Celebrate the Holidays

By Amelia Levin As chefs, it’s no secret many of you are forced to move around your own family holiday plans to accommodate the nature...
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