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8 ways to maintain high standards in your kitchen

by Chef Paul Sorgule of Harvest America Ventures What drives you and your kitchen? What compromises are you willing to make and how often do you slip from...

Nurture Culinary Creativity With These 7 Tips

Sometimes chefs may find themselves stuck in a culinary rut, especially if they’re too busy running their kitchens to take a step back and...

6 ways to make your non-industry partner feel special when you have to work on Valentine’s Day

by Laura McWilliams, chefhealthcoach.com Valentine's Day is a busy time for chefs and kitchen workers. You have to work extra hard and extra hours in the...

The World’s Most Difficult Exams

A lot of professional exams would love to claim the title of “world’s most difficult”. Who wouldn’t want to brag that they’ve passed the...

10 New Year’s resolutions for chefs

by Chef Paul Sorgule of Harvest America Ventures When a chef reflects on his or her major responsibilities, it would be hard to ignore the ever-present requirement to...

7 trends driving the foodservice industry in 2019

https://youtu.be/YQGpNKtT8s0   On January 26-30, 3,000 exhibitors and brands and 200,000 hospitality professionals — including 25,000 chefs — will descend on Lyon, France for Sirha 2019.   T he...

The ACF and NCR salute our newest certified chefs: January 2019 edition

The ACF certification program is the most comprehensive certification program for culinarians offering 16 certification levels for cooks, chefs, personal chefs, chef educators, culinary administrators, pastry chefs and more. Here's a list of the most recent certificants.

10 ways to create a culture of excellence in your kitchen

How can a restaurant strive for excellence regardless of price tag? Here are ten simple ideas to implement in any operation with an eye on excellence.

The Chef’s Most Important Job

The chef can call up solutions to challenges as they arise, but she can’t be on every station helping with every dish. That's why the best chefs know that training and building their cooks' confidence is by far their most important job.