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It Takes Time to Get Recertified

By Robert Phillips, CEC, CCA I’m often told by chefs that they’re having problems getting enough continuing education hours (CEHs) to recertify within five years....

6 Cool Things You Can Learn at Cook. Craft. Create.

by Jocelyn Tolbert There's so much going on at Cook. Craft. Create. ACF National Convention and Show this year, it can be hard to choose...

Building a Career in Food

By Paul Sorgule, M.S., AAC There aren’t many industries that can promise you a career track for as long as you want it.  The food...

Ingredient of the Month: Honey

Honey is a silky sweet liquid produced by honeybees from flower nectar. It has the same sweetness as granulated sugar, but is a more...

5 Key Traits for Success in the Kitchen

By Paul Sorgule, MS, AAC What does a chef look for in a new hire? Certainly the foundational skills learned in culinary school or a...

Struggling to recruit new members? Try these six tips

Want to recruit new members to your ACF chapter? Follow these six tips to help get the signups rolling in. Step one: Contact prospective members directly.

A Recipe for Success: Prison Culinary Training Programs Change Lives and Provide a Second Chance

Despite the successes of Bridges of America and Reality House, the Florida Department of Corrections has made a decision that could negatively impact not only the lives of inmates struggling with addiction issues, but the community as a whole.

Culinary school wasn’t in the cards. They became cooks anyway.

She was an insurance saleswoman. He was a former costume designer. With the help of a Chicago community center and some ACF chefs, they became Certified Fundamentals Cooks and forged a new path.

Sodexo’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

When it comes to diversity and inclusion in the business world, Sodexo USA leads the way. For the last six years, the Quality of Life...
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