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Classical vs. Modern

Classic Southern fried chicken gets a modern makeover from a Certified Master Chef

Classical Several theories exist on the origins of fried chicken. A popular one is that it originated with the Scottish, who fried unseasoned chicken parts...

We asked the chefs of Chef Shack Ranch to reinvent the classic Caesar salad recipe

Classical A family legend told by salad dressing mogul Rosa Cardini begins on Independence Day 1924 in the busy kitchen of Caesar’s restaurant in San...

A trendier, crunchier take on classic Chinese wontons

Classical: Duck Wontons Wontons — small pockets of dough usually stuffed with ground pork, shrimp or other fillings — have been a common Chinese dish...

Classical vs. Modern: Pollo en Piña

NCR asked Hari Pulapaka, CEC, to reinvent a vintage recipe — chicken with coconut and pineapple — into something more modern. Here's what he came up with.