Culinary students, get your Members Only jackets ready

Welcome to the next generation
of the ACF.


For 90 years ACF has not only been the champion of the culinary profession for chefs around the country, but around the world. Now, to further this commitment, ACF is proud to announce two new Student Membership programs for ACFEF-accredited programs — one for post-secondary students and one for secondary students.


Our new Post-Secondary Student Program allows ACFEF Accredited post-secondary programs to provide their culinary students individual Student Memberships in the ACF for a reduced rate of only $50 per student. This is a decrease of nearly 40% from the regular fee of $82. In addition, a program receives a $10 ACF allowance for each student enrolled for anything ACF related including ACF Membership or Certification fees for instructors, accreditation fees or ACF Event registrations.

“I know many of our chefs have wanted to bring their students into the ACF for a very long time. I am absolutely confident that when we open the door to these young chefs, they will come in and become strong members to the ACF family.”

– ACF National President Stafford DeCambra,
CEC, CCE, CCA, AAC, Emeritus

Our new Secondary Student Program provides free ACF Student Membership to any Junior or Senior student attending an ACFEF accredited secondary program.

For both initiatives, a Program Coordinator from each school or program must enroll his or her students according to the guidelines (more details are available on the ACF website). Students who wish to enroll outside this program because their eligible program does not participate — or their program is not ACFEF-accredited — must enroll at the current fees.

Click here to read more about this new initiative — and, if you’re a culinary educator, get started giving your students a leg up with ACF membership.