Five reasons to attend an accredited culinary program


There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a culinary school. You want it to be affordable, in a good location and staffed by experienced educators, as well as have great facilities. One thing you may not have thought much about though, is whether or not the program is accredited. Most reputable colleges and universities are accredited in some way. This means that the school meets certain educational standards and expectations set by an accrediting body.

The American Culinary Federation Education Foundation accredits culinary programs to ensure that they meet our requirements. This means that any culinary program the ACFEF accredits has been carefully evaluated to make sure it complies with the standards of excellence set by culinary professionals.

Here are some more great reasons to choose an accredited culinary program.

Students preparing to participate in a culinary competition. Toques must be worn in the classroom kitchen as a requirement of accreditation.

  • You’ll get hired.

    Prospective employers are more likely to hire you if you came from an accredited program. If you came from an unaccredited school, they can’t be sure of what you actually learned. A degree from an accredited program means that everyone knows you had a good education and learned what you need to know. The ACFEF also has industry partners which prefer to hire our graduates.

  • Your diploma will mean something.

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of fake schools or “diploma mills” out there. These institutions defraud students and take money without giving you much of anything in return. Choosing an accredited program means you’re protecting yourself from potential fraud and you can rest easy knowing that you’re going to a real school where you’ll get a real education.

  • You’ll get the most up-to-date knowledge.

    Accredited programs follow certain educational standards and are evaluated regularly. There is a high level of accountability and professionalism in these schools. If your program is accredited, you can trust that it’s up-to-date with current knowledge and you’re learning the most important skills to help you succeed.

  • You could come out certified.

    If you attend a culinary school that has been accredited by the ACFEF, you’re guaranteed to learn the basic skills that are required to begin your certification journey. Since accredited schools must follow a particular set of standards, a lot of the fundamental knowledge and practical skills required to pass certification exams are rolled into the curriculum. In many schools, you can graduate with your first level of ACF certification under your belt.

  • Your credits are transferable.

    You can start your education in one accredited program and transfer to another with the assurance that your credits will transfer over correctly.  In fact, many secondary schools participate in “feeder pipelines” which guarantee your entry into local higher education institutions. Want to get your education in the U.S. then take your skills to another country? Most international bodies will recognize your degree as long as it comes from an accredited program.

If you want to find an accredited culinary school or learn more about how to get your program accredited, click here.