From Catch to Plate – Every Step Matters for Seafood

By: NETUNO Marketing Team

At NETUNO, chefs play an important part in our product innovation. We strive to offer the products you demand and deserve to create the world’s most delicious seafood dishes. We devote ourselves to producing the highest quality frozen seafood in the market and are committed to sourcing from sustainable fisheries and using commercially responsible practices. Our core values are always in mind: Quality, Consistency & Sustainability.


We carry a variety of warm water species, shellfish, and innovative seafood items. We’re going to explore two of our flagship items in the Caribbean Red Snapper and Branzino.

Whole Caribbean Red Snapper

Our Caribbean Red Snapper is part of a Fishery Improvement Project we helped launch in Brazil. A Fishery Improvement Project is an initiative that aims to help fisheries work toward sustainability. We’ve worked with only artesian fishermen, using our fleet of small boats that minimally disrupt the ocean floor and specialized traps that allow smaller fish to escape to continue to grow and breed.


Our Caribbean Red Snapper is known for its semi-firm texture and white, flakey flesh with a fresh, and distinctive nutty flavor. There’s a plethora of ways to cook the fish whole from broiling to grilling to steaming, but we think it’s perfect for frying to get a crispy golden crust or baking with your choice of stuffed vegetables to unlock great flavors.


The combination of the visual red skin exterior and whole fish aesthetic can add a new dimension to plate presentation and presence. Our Red Snapper is also conveniently gilled, gutted, and scaled for convenience so you can focus on the preparation and cooking portion.


We understand that as important as quality and consistency are, so is innovation. NETUNO prides itself on offering the items that are growing in popularity on menus nationwide, and the Branzino is such item. Otherwise known as the Mediterranean Sea Bass, the versatility of this specialty is unmatched. Known for its tender, light, and subtly sweet flavor, it has no limits when it comes to expressing your culinary creativity.


There’s a multitude of options to prepare and cook —grilled, baked, braised, stuffed, or poached, just to name a few —or go for a perfectly seared fillet on a cast iron skillet to take advantage of its delicious, crispy skin.

Chef Abel 7min Branzino Searing in cast iron

We truly understand how important consistency is for you as a chef, that’s why our quality control personnel at our plants have a strict grading process that helps us achieve uniformity in our Fillet and Whole Fish sizes.

With a focus on responsible sourcing and sustainability, our Branzino comes from certified farms, by both Global G.A.P and Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) standards, with full traceability of all production stages.

Make NETUNO’s Caribbean Red Snapper and Branzino a staple for your recipe reserve!

You can find our Fillet and Whole Fish Options at your local Restaurant Depot or Sysco locations, or contact us for a distributor near you.