Introducing the Ultimate Chef Wrap System!

Is it Time to Up your Food Wrap Game?

By: Mike Nelson, Cofresco Foodservice, a division of Melitta USA

When you ask a chef ‘what’s your biggest priority in the kitchen?’ food wrap probably isn’t in the top 10, or even 20. Wrap might feel like a small detail, but a surprising 8/10 chefs say wrap is an essential tool day-to-day in their kitchen.*

If you think about how much you use, From prepping and storing, to microwaving, chilling and freezing, maybe our food wrap is more important than we first thought. Especially when it comes to hygiene and team safety versus old school loose rolls and cutter boxes.

The fact is cardboard cutter boxes and loose rolls are serial offenders when it comes to harboring germs and cross-contaminating kitchens. They’re handled a lot in service, can end up on the floor or splattered, and let’s not talk about the hassle using them and cut hands from exposed blades or slide cutters.

25 years of Protecting Chefs and Kitchens

So, what can you do? This is where the right equipment is important. Wrapmaster® is the ultimate chef wrap system that has arrived in the USA. This system has been trusted by professionals for over 25 years and used in a wide variety of operations and sectors. From the small and functional to large high-volume kitchens, Michelin restaurants to hospitals.

Hygienic, safe and easy to use, this triple threat chef system is multi-award winning too with its innovative design removing all your wrap headaches in one hit.

4500 Flambe Cling 3

The Professional Chef’s Choice

So why are chefs making the swap? Firstly, unlike loose rolls or cardboard cutter boxes, Wrapmaster®’s robust plastic casing protects your food wrap from any food spills and dirt – no matter how busy your service. If it is splashed, your Wrapmaster® can be quickly wiped with sanitizer spray to eliminate those germs – so it is always hygienically clean. Plus, it can be 100% disinfected in a commercial dishwasher ready for use. With hygiene and food allergens a top priority for chefs, Wrapmaster® is the safe way for you to prep and wrap food in the kitchen, as well as reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Just as importantly, it is safer for your team too. Wrapmaster® has a concealed stainless-steel blade so there is zero risk of cuts to fingers and hands. Its high-quality blades make fast and light work of cutting plastic wrap, foil, and baking parchment– essential when you need to work fast and not have your service held up by ripped or tangled food wrap.

With 93% of chefs saying Wrapmaster® dispensers are safer and more hygienic to use than cardboard cutter boxes^, it’s easy to see why Wrapmaster® is quickly becoming the essential piece of kit for kitchens everywhere.

A Wrapmaster® for Every Chef and Kitchen

Along with Wrapmaster®’s hygiene benefits and ease of use, a big plus is that there is a range to choose from depending on your kitchen, what food wrap you use and how much. Allowing chefs to personalize their collection.

  • Wrapmaster® 3000 is just 12inches wide and its compact size means wrap perfectly fits gastronorm trays and covers small bowls.
  • At 18inches wide, the Wrapmaster® 4500 is a chef’s favorite and like its smaller cousin can be used with foil, plastic wrap and baking parchment.
  • Finally, the Wrapmaster® Duo is 18inches wide and can hold two rolls. So you can mix it up with two types of food wrap or use for just one, chefs love its space saving design!

Ready to up your food wrap game? Wrapmaster® is available now from local and national distributors or you can buy direct from our Wrapmaster® e-shop for exclusive bundle offers

For more information or to request a demo, get in touch with me today by calling 800-257-8388, email or visit

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*Independent Toluna panel, July 2020

^Independent Chef Panel Research, 100 participants July 2020.