Become ACF-certified and ramp up your career

“My company seeks to hire top graduates from culinary schools to join our nationwide teams in the education, health care, government and business segments. When we have two equally-qualified candidates and one of them is certified, certification makes a difference in our decision. We are confident that the certified candidate is a serious culinarian who is properly trained and has demonstrated skills as measured through the standards of our industry.” — Sherie Valderrama, Senior Director, Sodexo Talent Acquisition Group

How can I ramp up my career?

American Culinary Federation (ACF) certifies all levels of culinarians and chefs and sets the industry standard for our profession. Culinary programs through ACF-accredited programs may provide a head start.

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What should I do?

  • ACFEF-accredited secondary program graduates:  You are eligible to receive the Certified Fundamentals Cook® (CFC®) or Certified Fundamentals Pastry Cook® (CFPC®) certification with a NOCTI exam pass.  Application and verification is required.
  • ACFEF-accredited post-secondary program graduates:  You are eligible to receive the Certified Culinarian® (CC®) or Certified Pastry Culinarian® (CPC®) certification within one year of graduation without taking additional exams. Application and verification is required.
  • Didn’t attend an ACFEF-accredited program? No worries; there’s a path to certification for you, too! Application and verification of mandatory classes, experience and testing are required.

Recent graduates interested in CC or CPC certification can follow this path to become ACF certified.

Ramp up your Career pathway

Do you have any success stories?

We have many, including a chef featured recently on our blog. Robert Gracey’s journey from working in a seminary kitchen to achieving his ACF-certification through West Virginia Northern Community College’s ACF-accredited programs is both interesting and inspiring.  Read Chef Gracey’s story here. 

Who can help me?

Contact the ACF Certification Department for any questions you have.

ACF Certification Department

180 Center Place Way

St. Augustine, FL 32095

(800) 624-9458 ext. 505