Seasons of Wisconsin Cheese: Fall

Cheese courses may be enjoyed by customers year-round, but some cheeses are more seasonal than others. Today, the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board shares the first of four blog posts on how to create the perfect seasonal cheese board.

When putting together a cheese board, remember these simple guidelines:

  • Select three to five cheeses in a variety of flavors, textures, colors and shapes.
  • Include both savory and sweet accompaniments. Popular cheese board additions include nuts, cured meats, dried fruit, crackers or bread, and spreads – like pesto, mustard, chutneys and compotes.
  • Appearance is just as important as taste. After all, we eat with our eyes first. Choose a natural surface to serve cheese – wood, slate or stone is best.

 Fall Cheese Board

The fall season calls for bigger flavor profiles – look to aged, smoked and even flavored cheeses to help round out your cheese board.

Step 1:
Start by selecting a semi-soft cheese variety such as baby swiss, edam or smoked gouda. Pair it with mixed nuts like hazelnuts, pecans and pistachios for a contrast of creamy and crunchy.

Step 2:
Fall produce and seasonal jams tend to pack a lot of sweetness. Bolder cheese varieties are the best way to create balance. Add a rich blue cheese or gorgonzola and pair with ripe berries, persimmons, pears or apples. Include a sweet jam, such as apricot or raspberry, to add even more complexity.

Step 3:
Finally, to round out the flavors on your cheeseboard, you’ll need a few salty elements. Add an aged parmesan, asiago or romano cheese for a salty, piquant taste and pair with crunchy crackers, crostini or even dried fruit chips to add the finishing touch.

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