Does the culinary industry lack diversity?

In 2012, the Chicago Tribune asked the question, “where are all the black chefs?” PBS also explored this question and interviewed several african-american chefs and food personalities, asking them what they thought about the lack of minority leadership within the industry. Diversity in the culinary industry topic We Are Chefs will explore over the next year by asking members of the American Culinary Federation to blog about their perspective and experiences regarding diversity in the culinary industry.

The Definition of Hospitality

“Yes.” That was Kevin Mitchell’s answer when he was approached by food historian Dr. David Shields to take on the part of 19th century African-American chef Nat Fuller and reenact an 1865 iconic biracial banquet that took place in Charleston, South Carolina. A year later, along with key Charleston community members, Mitchell and Shields pulled off one of the most significant post-Civil War events to happen in the South—again.