Tell us about your chapter’s achievements

  What has your chapter been up to? NCR is looking for amazing ACF chapters to highlight in a feature we’re calling Chapters On a Mission. If your chapter has done one or more of the following in the past year, we want to hear about it:
  • Recruited a number of new members
  • Maintained an active social media presence
  • Provided unique educational experiences for your members
  • Been a model for diversity
  • Gotten involved with your community, supporting local charitable causes
  • Mentored culinary students or young chefs
  • Attended ACF events as a group
  • Been exemplary ambassadors for the ACF and the culinary industry in another way

To submit your chapter’s story, visit and fill out the form. Include as many pictures and details as you can. (If you don’t have good photos, have someone take some at your next meeting or event outing so that your outstanding achievements can be showcased in the best possible light.) The deadline to be included in this year’s Chapters On a Mission is June 30.