Turkish Salmon, the New Shining Star of the Turkish Aquaculture Sector

Author: Turkish Tastes

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By Kazim I. Guler, Turkish Tastes Ambassador

TURKISH TASTES is a Turkish Government initiative to promote 6 major food groups such as Turkish Dried Fruit, Turkish Pulses, Turkish Olive Oil, Turkish Fresh and Frozen Fruit and Vegetables, Turkish Herbs and Spice and Turkish Fish. Our aim is to promote awareness of these food groups – apart from their natural inclusion in Turkish Cuisine, we want to make Chefs and consumers aware of their applications in any cuisine from around the Globe.

Today we are introducing a product from our FISH range – Turkish Salmon Trout.

Turkish Salmon, the new shining star of the Turkish aquaculture sector

As one of the largest suppliers of fish products such as sea bass and sea bream, Türkiye aquaculture sector is proud a new product: Turkish Salmon Trout

The Fish now grown and exported as Turkish Salmon trout is not a new species; it is rainbow trout raised to a larger size. After a period of 12 months in freshwater farms, the fish are moved to saltwater farms for a further 6 to 8 months, thus reaching table size in approximately 20 months.

While the average size of a rainbow trout is 250 – 350 grams, the average size of a Turkish Salmon trout is between 2 kg. – 5 kg. The flesh of the Salmon trout is deep pink in color and the flavor is akin to Salmon.

Turkish Salmon trout is grown especially in the Black Sea region. Serious trial production of this fish began about 5 years ago and since then exports as well as production have increased steadily. This Salmon Trout is now reaching the top tier of exported fish from Turkey.

On behalf of Turkish Tastes

Kazim I. Gurel

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