Check out this ventless equipment solutions guide

By Rocky Rockwell, corporate executive chef, Alto-Shaam, Inc.

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Providing fresh, healthy meals quickly during peak service, while also maintaining the highest quality food is a challenge for many restaurateurs. Doing so, while also operating out of a compact or limited kitchen space is a task that requires versatile and flexible cooking equipment.

Ventless equipment enables chefs to maximize their kitchen space with minimal labor and space requirements. In this guide, you’ll learn how the latest compact, ventless and waterless foodservice equipment can boost your profits and offer a greater return on investment.

What is Ventless Cooking Equipment?

A traditional kitchen hood costs approximately $2,000 per linear foot to install and even more to operate daily. Versatile, ventless equipment solutions put money back into your pocket. All you need is the power hookup to achieve a plug-and-play food program.

Alto-Shaam offers ventless, waterless ovens that allow you to maximize your space, your way. Our multi-functional equipment can be operated outside of a traditional ventilation hood, while providing the highest food quality and consistency in the smallest spaces.

Low-Temperature Applications 

For low-temperature, slow-and-low cooking applications, the latest Cook & Hold Ovens provide the highest food quality and consistency. Chefs can utilize labor-free, overnight cooking and holding to reallocate labor and equipment where needed. Within each low-temperature oven, radiant Halo Heat® technology evenly surrounds food without the use of extremely hot elements, added humidity or fans that typically degrade food quality.

Cook & Hold Ovens can be placed anywhere, without the need for an oven hood or outside ventilation required. Its waterless design means no plumbing, drains, filtration or associated maintenance are required, further reducing installation and operating costs. These ovens cost just $1 to $2 per day to operate.

Multi-Cook Applications

Vector® H Series Multi-Cook Ovens are ideal for chefs looking to achieve unmatched volume and variety of food in a ventless space. These countertop ovens provide up to four independent cooking chambers in a single unit, allowing you to cook different food items simultaneously at the ideal temperature, fan speed and cook time control.

The secret to more food in the smallest, ventless footprint is Structured Air Technology™. This high velocity, vertical airflow allows you to achieve a number of cooking applications at the highest quality and consistency, from air frying to baking, roasting and more.

Reduce Labor and Optimize Workflows

The latest ventless cooking equipment not only solves space challenges. Both Vector Multi-Cook Ovens and Cook & Hold Ovens are intuitive to use and programmable with Alto-Shaam’s most advanced control yet. Saving time and reducing labor costs, managers can push and pull recipes from their ovens seamlessly using the ChefLinc™ cloud-based remote oven management system. Programmable recipes guide the cooking process for staff to ensure your food comes out the exact same way, no matter who is operating the oven. Managers can also incorporate images and categorize recipes for easy identification on the staff-level to improve efficiency and workflows. Additionally, ChefLinc provides data-driven insights that allow you to manage your menus, ovens and business from wherever you are.

Complete Equipment Systems

In addition to ventless cooking equipment, chefs can also complete their kitchen with holding and chilling equipment solutions that are compact and waterless.  To learn more about introducing a ventless food program, watch our recent webinar or contact an Alto-Shaam chef.