What do chefs keep in their home refrigerators?


We asked our Facebook followers (more than 65,000 chefs and culinary enthusiasts) what five things they always keep in their home refrigerator. We received a few comments that can be summed up as #fridgegoals and a ton of comments that reminded us that chefs are people too. Just because they cook for a living doesn’t mean they have the time and energy to cook fancy stuff at home.

Some of the most popular answers we got were butter, mustard, cheese, milk, eggs, garlic, and various forms of alcohol. Sounds like a party!

There were so many interesting comments to read:

We have a few questions, but most importantly: Can we get that homemade pickles with jalapeño recipe?

We spent some time combing through all of the responses and counting up the answers to see what was really number one. Here’s a very scientific breakdown of the most common items that people listed:

INYOURFRIDGEThanks to everyone who participated in our little poll!

So, Chef, what’s always in your fridge? Tweet us and let us know.