With Four Brands for Foodservice, We Have One That’s Right for You

Author: Tyson Fresh Meats

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Whether you’re a restaurant protein buyer or a chef, you don’t have tons of time to research foodservice beef and pork brands.

You know what you want – quality and consistent products, timely delivery and dependable service.

With Tyson Fresh Meats, meeting those requirements is a given, along with best-in-class service and support. As an example of that support, here’s a helpful overview of beef and pork brands that are suitable for foodservice:

  • ibp Trusted Excellence® Brand. Culinary-forward products and services
  • Open Prairie® Natural* Meats. Quality, back-to-basics beef and pork with claims modern customers search for
  • Chairman’s Reserve® Meats. Fresh beef and pork that’s hand-selected for optimal marbling, color and firmness
  • Star Ranch Angus® Beef. Tender Angus beef with strict selection criteria for a consistent and flavorful experience

ibp Trusted Excellence Brand

The  ibp Trusted Excellence brand is likely our most recognizable brand name. It’s known for innovations that eliminated the need to store and ship fat, bones and trimmings.

Brand Attributes

  • Consistent quality and cutting for fewer returned plates
  • Specialized techniques and unique packaging that keep products fresh, preserve color and maximize shelf life
  • Beef and pork that’s ready for automated slicing or manual cutting

ibp Trusted Excellence Brand Beef

  • Statement-making options such as bone-in tenderloin and tomahawk steaks
  • Further trimmed cuts for improved product consistency

ibp Trusted Excellence Brand Pork

  • Specialty cuts including petite pork rack, frenched pork sparerib and petite porchetta
  • Available as pre-portioned or pre-sliced, which can reduce back of house labor costs

Open Prairie Natural Meats

The Open Prairie Natural Meats brand provides delicious beef and pork with Never Ever attributes. Patrons who seek out such claims tend to have higher household incomes and are often influencers in the areas of food and health.1

Brand Attributes

  • No antibiotics, added hormones or growth promotants – ever
  • Products sourced from responsibly raised animals
  • Beef and pork traceable to the animal’s place of origin through the Trusted PathTM program
  • Product claims verified through maintained records, unique identifications, third-party audits and DNA TraceBack® technology
  • Angus beef available in USDA Prime and Choice quality grades

Chairman’s Reserve Meats

Chairman’s Reserve Meats is our highest level of quality and can be a mark of distinction on menus.

Brand Attributes

  • Only national brand offering dual-tier pork and Angus beef
  • Hand selected for marbling, color and firmness

Chairman’s Reserve Platinum® Angus Beef Attributes

  • USDA upper 1/3 Choice quality grade
  • 100% Angus beef
  • Moderate marbling score

Chairman’s Reserve Prime Pork Attributes

Chairman’s Reserve Premium Beef Attributes

  • Small marbling score
  • 100% Angus beef
  • Medium or fine marbling texture

Chairman’s Reserve Premium Pork Attributes

  • Marbling scores between 2-5
  • pH-selected for natural moisture-holding capacity

Star Ranch Angus Beef

Star Ranch Angus beef offers consistent and quality Angus beef that chefs and restaurants can depend on.

Brand Attributes

  • 100% Angus beef
  • USDA Choice grade
  • “A” maturity

Beyond Foodservice Beef & Foodservice Pork Brands

Across all our brands is a commitment to delivering unmatched service to our customers. From branded materials for the front of house, to products that can improve back of house efficiency, we offer solutions that meet the needs of restaurant meat suppliers and chefs.

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*Minimally processed. No artificial ingredients.


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DNA Traceback is a registered trademark of identiGEN North America, Inc.

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